Diversity Equity & Inclusion

HADCO is committed to providing information and links to the general public about HADCO and housing assistance offerings in the local community through our resources page.


HADCO Equity Statement:


HADCO is committed to provide the opportunity for affordable housing that is safe, decent, sanitary and free from discrimination. We are also committed to fulfilling this mission with respect, dignity, and compassion for all persons involved. HADCO recognizes we have a responsibility beyond just anti-discrimination in being equitable and inclusive to the differences of all people honoring a diversity of needs and the value of everyone.

To HADCO, inclusion is fostering an environment that welcomes excluded people and groups and creates opportunities for all to participate. Equity is the ability for all people with barriers to access the same opportunity for a home.
We strive to listen to our community and staff in order to advance equity and inclusion in our programs and agency.


Surface Assumptions and Set Outcomes
          • What assumptions is HADCO bringing into the issue?
          • What is/are the outcome(s) HADCO is hoping to create?
          • How will these outcomes increase or decrease racial equity?
          • How will these outcomes increase or decrease other forms of equity?

Engage Multiple Perspectives
          • How is HADCO intentionally engaging multiple perspectives?
          • How is HADCO engaging stakeholders who will be impacted by this policy, decisions, or practice?

Attend to Unintended Outcomes
          • What are the potential unintended outcomes? How will HADCO address these?
          • What barriers exist to more equitable outcomes? How will HADCO address these?


          • How and when will the process be communicated?
          • How and when will the decisions, policies and practices be communicated?
          • How will HADCO ensure communication takes place in an inclusive, culturally sensitive, and responsible manner?


          • How will feedback from staff and stakeholders be collected?
          • Who will HADCO share evaluations with?
          • What did HADCO learn from this?
          • How will HADCO incorporate this learning next time?
          • How will HADCO use evaluation and learning to raise racial awareness?