HADCO Board of Commissioners

The HADCO Board of Commissioners is comprised  of five volunteers from the community appointed by the Douglas County Commissioners. Each of the Board positions  is for a duration of four years.  When an opening becomes available, HADCO notifies the County Commissioners who then advertise for the open position and appoint a Commissioner from the selection of applicants.  Once appointed, the Commissioner's roles are to provide policy making oversight along with overall planning for the agency.

The HADCO Board of Commissioners meet the fourth Thursday of every month at 12:30pm at the James Myers Activity Building located at 990 W. Stanton Street, Roseburg, OR 97471.


Commissioner Term Dates E-Mail
Jeff Cooley, Board Chair 04-09-2018 through 04-14-2022

jcooley [at] hadcor.org   

Donna Bosier 12/9/2020-4-14-2025 dbosier [at] hadcor.org   
Chris Spens, Commissioner 04-14-2019 through 04-14-2023 cspens [at] hadcor.org
Jerry Griese, Vice Chair 04-15-2020 through 04-14-2024 jgriese [at] hadcor.org 
Mike Baker, Commissioner 04-15-2020 through 04-14-2024 mbaker [at] hadcor.org 


The Douglas County Commissioners may be reached at commissioners [at] co.douglas.or.us.


Please note: HADCO maintains online copies of agendas and minutes for approximately 12 months. For copies of earlier documents, please click the Contact Us button at the top of this page.